Do you need spine surgery?

Robert W – 53 – August, 2007…

I’ve had a slight herniated disc for many years which periodically caused me great pain. This past summer, I missed a step on a set of stairs and jarred my back. I started to lose strength in my right leg and it was also going numb. I had an MRI and went to a local Orthopedist who gave me a cortisol shot. It wasn’t improving so I went to my wife’s surgeon, Dr. Antonacci. One look at the MRI and he saw that a piece of disc fragmented off and was sitting in my spinal canal indicating this was the cause of the numbness and weakness. Less than a week later Dr. Antonacci removed the disc fragment and the symptoms almost immediately started to dissipate.

I am five months out of surgery and feel better than I have in years!! Thank you Dr. Antonacci.

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