Do you need spine surgery?

Rochelle A – 74 – March, 2011…

Several years of spinal injections came to an end when it was no longer possible to tolerate the unbearable pain in my back.

Dr. Antonacci, recognizing my progressive problems of lumbar decompressions and stenosis, carefully and patiently explained why it was the right time for surgery. I needed my life restored and felt he was the right doctor to operate and correct these problems — indeed he did!

The day after surgery, I was able to lift myself out of bed and walk the hospital floor — by myself. I improved more each day. Everyone helped, cared and showed kindness and concern. Once home, I followed easy instructions and was out and about in less than two weeks.

I’m 74 years of age and can look forward to a future.

Thank you Dr. Antonacci!!!

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