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Salvatore B – 61 – November 2011…

THANK YOU Dr. Antonacci, you saved my life. I am extremely grateful for all you have done for me. When I thought I had no where to turn for help you were there.

I am 61 years old and in February 2011 Dr. Antonacci operated on me. I am fortunate to have had such a nationally renowned Spinal Surgeon helping me. He is a miracle man. Because of Dr. Antonacci I am now able to stand straight with no pain.

I had childhood scoliosis that was never treated and worsened throughout my life I also had several spinal fractures and slipped disk problems over the years. I couldn’t stand straight nor was I able to walk correctly. In addition, I was diagnosed with MS when I was 38. My symptoms are primarily a weakness on my left side.

Because of this condition I had a slumped posture. I was in constant agony with back and neck pain. My entire structure became so bent and twisted that my frame and rib cage were actually pressing against my pelvis. The pain was astounding.

Over the years I had seen several doctors but no one could help me. After a comprehensive evaluation Dr. Antonacci determined he could and would help me. I felt very assured that I was under the care of a top-notch professional surgeon.

The operation was long and comprehensive. During the surgery several other highly qualified professionals assisted him. He used 17 Titanium Rods to correct my spine. Practically every vertebra was fixed.

In addition, he installed scaffolding, attached to the spine to support my collapsed left side. He was very thorough and on top of everything. The operation was a huge success. My family was very confident that Dr. Antonacci would be able to help me and pleased we were all so pleased with the outcome.

What a pleasure it is now to stand straight, without pain. My posture has dramatically improved. I am walking much better. I have regained 2 inches in height. I sit straight. I am more positive and I am physiologically happier.

I was very impressed with Dr. Antonacci’s great staff. His top assistant Joel was always available 24 / 7 to answer any questions or concerns. Joel is very knowledgeable, assuring, and comforting. Joel was a big part in helping me. Also, Chris, his office assistant was great help with all of the paperwork, tests appointments, and guidance in all that I needed to do.

Dr. Antonacci and his staff were a pleasure to work with. I will be forever thankful and grateful to Dr. Antonacci for everything that he has done to give me a better life.

If you need any spinal surgery, Dr. Antonacci is the best one to do it.


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