Do you need spine surgery?

Ulf A – 74 – August, 2007…

This is what Dr. Antonacci did for me:


I have worked as an engineer all my life and consequently spent most of my time behind a desk. I have however always taken pride in keeping my body in good shape with daily exercise, hiking, skiing and snorkeling.

In October/November of 2006 I developed some serious back/spinal problems with pain so severe I was unable to function.

To alleviate the problem I had Laminectomy Surgery in November 2006 elsewhere to no avail. With zero help from epidurals and very strong painkillers I was almost ready to give up, when I “found” Dr. Antonacci.

His approach to my problem appealed to my “engineering mind”. With the aid of several MRI pictures he spent a great deal of time explaining in detail what he planned to do. He gained my full confidence to go ahead with what he recommended: Revision decompression and spinal fusion.

When I regained consciousness after surgery, the pain I had endured for 9 months was gone!

Six weeks later I do daily walks of 1½ miles, I am back driving, and my wife and I even went from Huntington, Long Island to NY City by train. Dr. Antonacci has literally given me my life back.

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