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Ummie M – 26 – September, 2008…

Scoliosis is something I have dealt with since I was about nine years old. (I was 26 when I had my surgery in 2007). I went to chiropractors, orthopedic doctors and several physical therapists for many many years. It finally came to the point where my option to remain healthy and strong would be lumbar spine surgery.

I first found Dr. Antonacci through my mother’s research on a National Scoliosis Foundation newsletter. He was highly recommended and one of the top rated surgeons. He also offered second opinion appointments and this is just what I was looking for.


I had received an opinion from my prior orthopedic specialist however it felt more like I was a product on a shelf then a living person who was going to be worked on. When my parents and I went into the Institute For Spine and Scoliosis we were instantly welcomed and put at ease by his wonderful staff.

Meeting Dr. Antonacci I also instantaneously knew that he was a very kind, steady, knowledgeable and thorough person. And that was exactly what I was looking for.

The whole process from the initial appointment, to being explained the surgical process, to making the appointment for my surgery, to my hospital stay, and to my recovery was made so unproblematic and painless if you will, by Dr. Antonacci and all his colleagues.

Any concerns or questions I had were answered with such a remarkable promptness and care. And I would like to thank them and recommend their care to anyone who may ask because with their help I am able to know I will be strong enough to continue leading a healthy and a very full life.

Dear Dr. Antonacci & Chris,

Just want to express our deep appreciation to Dr. Antonacci and to his wonderful secretary, Chris Gergo (so helpful & knowledgeable).

We found Dr.Antonacci to be an exceptional surgeon who is caring, sincere, thoughtful combined with professional expertise. From our first visit on, he was always attentive, patience and answered all of our questions and concerns. Many times when we (especially the mom) expressed feelings of anxiety, he had a way of easing the feelings with warmth and humor.

We also would like to commend his wonderful team, as well as the staff at Lenox Hill Hospital — all of the other surgeons and drs.; In pre-surgery-RN (can’t recall name but remember kindness and attentiveness) and Gail in admission and all others; Dorothy, Sarah in Recovery & all others attending to Ummie and both of us; Ellen (PT), Marie (RN), Chi (RN), Tamika, RN,Theresa NA, Rita, NA, Marina RN, Erma, NA, and all of the other RN’s and NA’s on the 9th floor and others at the Nurses’ station; the Maintenance Service employees on 9th floor kept it so clean and germfree; Laundry employees (friendly and always helpful); those delivering flowers and those who helped to find the vases, TV & phone services; those who were in the Main Lobby directing everyone to appropriate floors, the discharge person and the helpful attendee who took Ummie to the car on her departure day and to all who we may have not mentioned.

Ummie was indeed cared for in a very special way which made her stay at Lenox Hill Hospial comforting & hospitable as well as most helpful in the healing and recuperation which is steadily improving day by day.

The team did indeed provide exceptional care to make Ummie’s stay in Lenox Hill Hospital a very special and valuable one.

God bless.
Umar & Barbara M., Parents

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