Do you need spine surgery?

Wilma V – 63 – June 2012…

I have suffered with back problems for many years. For the past two years I have had difficulty walking due to a herniated lumbar disc pressing on a nerve root, which sent excruciating pain down my right leg after walking 1 to 2 blocks. What a miserable feeling.

After speaking to a physical therapist from my church, he referred me to the office of Dr. Antonacci. In October 2011 Dr. Antonacci performed decompression surgery on my back, which released the pressure that was sending the pain into my thigh and down my leg into the large toe. This was done in Mt. Sinai Hospital in NY, and I was released the following day.

Yes, I was skeptical, but today I am walking without that pain running down my right leg prohibiting me from just walking to the store for a small item.

Thank you so much Dr. Antonacci and staff for giving me some of my life back.

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